The Class of 1961
Inspired  by  the Reunion in September 2000 held in Marlborough, when so many  old friends met up again after 30+ years, Sue (Ellis) Lang arranged  another smaller reunion a few years later held at the Wellington Arms in  the High Street Marlborough at the invitation of the Landlady former  student Wendy Ashley. Originally it was a girls evening out, Sue managed  to contact quite a few ex students, a couple of the boys from that time  also got to hear about the proposed meet up and also came along.The  numbers attending have grown each time with people traveling  quite long distances. Since that start we have had 3 further reunion  meetings the latest at the Conservative Club in Marlborough High Street  on the 3rd June 2006 with an ever increasing turnout it was decided to go  for a bigger venue and provide a small finger buffet.
Here are some photos from the evening.
We hope to have another reunion in 3 - 5 years time its down to you guys.
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